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The History of Bitchy – We’ve all suffered bitches in our time, and we’ve all been bitches in our time. Mrs Woog’s gives some great responses to those moments where we have to deal with bitches. Mrs Woog makes me snort more than anyone living in my computer.

How to make magazine storage boxes – Am I the only one excited by how easy this is? I buy loads of magazines because I write for them, and I was out looking to buy some rather exxy boxes. Then I saw this. Mind blown. Wallet still heavy with cash. Kind of.

Paul Rudd lip synching – I have been a little bit in love with Paul Rudd ever since he married Phoebe in Friends. But he keeps showing layer upon layer of funny. Like this.

Life, Love and Hiccups celebrates a million comments. Our gorgeous friend Sonia had a Sally Field “you really love me” moment. If you haven’t cottoned onto her fabulousness yet, do yourself a favour, like a million other commenters. Congrats, lovely!

Breakfast burritos – I have had an aversion to breakfast burritos ever since an unfortunate incident after three days of solid Splendour in the Grass action, but the gorgeous ladies at Honey, You Baked have convinced me to get back on the burrito train. Toot toot!

Leaning in and about to fall over – I’m sure we didn’t know Tracey Spicer was this great two years ago. Loving her work right now. Did you hear what our Minister for Women (aka Tony Abbott) said in his International Women’s Day speech? You know, how this country has smashed every glass ceiling and women here have got it “pretty good”. I usually try to keep my political beliefs out of this blog but I’ll say it this time. He’s a dick.

8 things to do alone for a change – Looking for some inspiration to kick some #champagnedays goals? Try out one of these great ideas. If you need me, I’ll be at the movies.

The Oscars in play-doh (pictured, above) – sick of the Oscars yet? That’s because you haven’t seen them in play-doh. And if you didn’t watch the Oscars, you only really need to see two things. The best two speeches of the night came from the best supporting actress and the best actress. One for being gracious and beautiful and exuberant, and one for being a staunch unapologetic feminist (while still looking hawt). Check them out here.



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