Friday fizz: Rosemary-cucumber gin & tonic

gin and tonic

Happy Friday, Champagne Friends!

Our refreshing bevvy of the week is the Cucumber-Rosemary Gin & Tonic. I have been sampling this darling all summer long and let me tell you, it is a winner. My funny little friend Danielle Colley dubbed it the Supermodel’s Dinner. You can go with whichever title takes your fancy. Recipe is over at The Kitchn.

And here are five of our favourite online finds this week:

  1. Kitchen sightings of the Loch Ness Monster are about to skyrocket.
  2. From the WTF files of Valentine’s Day gifts: have your anus bronzed. Because nothing says love like a bronzed butthole. (I have to admit, I could not look away from this bizarro vid.) 
  3. Possibly the most hilarious food blog I’ve ever seen: Shannon’s Kitchen – Is coconut oil just for rubbing on your titties or is it truly a superfood? 
  4. Feel like you need a kitten cuddle, like, right now? Uber will bring you one! 
  5. How not to feel like crap at the end of your work day. The gorgeous and wise Smaggle has a very cool technique to try.


Have you seen anything great online this week? Please share!


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