Friday linkfest

Happy Friday, fellow Cartellians! How has this week been for you? Champagne or cat pee? Champagne Husby has been travelling for work a bit this week so I’ve been solo parent lady. The children are more scared of me than usual – which I quite like (although the 1 year old is yet to learn true mum-fear – her time will come).

Here are a few links that tickled me this week – hope you like them too:

Ballet dancers in everyday situations – Because everything looks better when ballet dancers do it.

The most inspiring yet depressing yet hilarious yet horrifying yet heartwarning grad speech – Thanks to Upworthy, the US is just discovering something we have known for some time: Tim Minchin is awesome.

Anyone in your life acting a bit too self-important? – Some perspective on our insignificant lives.

Feminist make up tutorial – Don’t have your make up regimen dictated by the patriarchy!

Baby steps – Great tips on running after you’ve had a baby.

Be a Fun Mum Feature home: a wall bookcase. Because this should be my house. MY HOUSE! (It’s not *sad face*)

Amazingly intricate pencil tip sculptures – Still using the tip of your pencil to write stuff? *Yawn*

What have I missed? Have you seen anything great this week? Please share!

Have a champagne weekend!


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