Reclaim your sparkle: your 5-minute hangover makeup guide

Here at Champagne HQ we like to be helpful. And you’re going to be thanking me hard for this bundle of helpfulness that is your hangover makeup guide. (AND just in time for ProBlogger, for all my fellow-blogtastic friends!)

Some days you wake up feeling that little bit shab-ois. You shouldn’t have done it but you smashed down a few too many West Coast Coolers at the RSL and now your mouth feels like a bear pooed in it. And your face looks like a bear pooed on it. And your eyes look like a pissholes-in-the-snow (thanks to my very funny dad for that charming description).

Anyways there’s a few things you can do which will vastly improve that butt-ugly visage of yours. You’ll walk out the door feeling absolutely tip top and all a sparkly.

Here’s how you can go from BLEUGH to beautiful in just five minutes.

Phase 1: Prep the skin and get your juicy loveliness back


  1. Hydrate – get some serious fluids back into your body.
  2. NOTE: even your eyes need liquid.
  3. I cannot stress enough how awesome Beauty Flash Balm is (this is not sponsored in any way, I just love that shit hardcore). Get it and slather it everywhere, after you’ve done a nice cleanse and moisturise.
  4.  More hydration in the form of a delightful dewy mist, like a fairy wee. It’s probably psychological more than anything, but it always makes me feel all moist. On my face. In a nice way. Get your minds out of the gutter people. Yeah so, I love my Alpha-H spray but I used to have a rose one that I bought from Perfect Potion and it did the trick.

Phase 2: Cover up anything that is hideous with sparkly creams n stuff


  1.  Use a nice light foundation, or a tinted moisturiser. I quite like this BB cream. I then use my miracle Touche Eclat skin highlighter pen to cover up the really gross bits.
  2. Give yourself some fake colour. When you are a bit under the weather you look quite pasty, so add a pretty pink blusher to the apple of your cheeks for some pretend joie de vive. You’ll look all blushing virgin, trust me.
  3. Add some high lights. Give your flat mug a bit of texture by adding a bit of sparkly highlight across the browbones and top of the cheek bones. Don’t over-do, we’re talking sparkly princess, not drag queen.
  4. Add lip shine. Pucker up and give yourself a pretty pout with a natural gloss. Hangover days are not the best for experimenting with your new blood red lippie. There’s a 99% chance that your shaking hand and cracked lips will result in an epic fail.

Phase 3: Pretend you’re awesome and do heaps of idiotic selfies in your hangover makeup, so you look like a total wanker


Not: This is not a sponsored post. The products I have mentioned, I’ve mentioned cause they’re rad. Not for any other reason.

What’s your best tip for looking fresh when you’re feeling ripe?




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