If you struggle to prioritise ‘me time’, here’s why

Today we have a beautiful guest poster, Adriana Solórzano – a wellness coach and founder of a very cool organisation called Lit Up. This lady is all about ‘me time’, and the power of positivity and confidence. If you feel stuck in a rut, Adriana is your go-to woman. PLUS Lit Up is hosting an evening for Brisbane women looking for fun, positivity and inspiration on the evening of Thursday 30 October. See below for ticket info PLUS we are offering two readers the chance to nab themselves a free ticket to the soiree AND a champagne interlude with Carolyn and Gillian on the night.

Take it away, Adriana…

Prioritising time for yourself. You know should do it. People tell you it’s important, that you shouldn’t feel guilty about it, that “me” time helps you give more to others and so on and so on.

As a wellness coach I’ve worked with lots of working mothers, and they all say the same thing, “I want to make time for myself, but I just don’t ever seem to do it.”

So why the struggle when we have the knowhow? In my experience the two things that women need when they want to introduce changes into their lives (even when the change is going to make them feel good) is support and community. Support and community that is positive, encouraging and fun. Because when you think you’re the only one taking time out for yourself you feel bad, you think you’re the only one being lazy. You don’t want to feel like the only mum who needs time away- even though everyone is feeling the same way.

When making time for yourself is a habit that you’re trying to build (and it is a habit), you need that initial “permission” from someone who tells you that you do need this, this isn’t superficial and selfish. You need someone to remind you that the non-essentials in life, like time by yourself at a cafe, a walk in the morning, that massage or that mid-week girlfriend catch-up is what makes life kinda sweet. Yes you can live without these things, but it sure won’t feel like you’re living.

If you want to have a more calm, positive and confident attitude you need to be around others who want the same. Energy is contagious. Find your tribe. Find the people who encourage you to do those things that we can so easily talk ourselves out of doing for the sake of cleaner floors and tidier kids rooms.

Support and community, not more “how to lists” of things you already know, is what you actually need – with a little champagne of course if the mood is right.

141013 adriana profileAdriana is women’s wellness coach and founder of Lit Up. Lit Up is your posse of positive people. The community you go to when you feel stuck in a rut, overwhelmed, lonely or exhausted. We match positive examples with actionable strategies to help you develop a quiet confidence. A quiet confidence that is solid and helps you be a leader of your life. We live in a society where negativity is all around us and it’s contagious. In order to combat this you need to constantly be surrounded by positive people to keep you feeling confident, supported and encouraged. Not only that, these events will simply be a lot of fun and a welcomed break away from our day in, day out routines.

Wellness coaching: www.leancleaneating.com

Lit Up: www.facebook.com/LitUp.org


Brisbane readers: want to win one of those Lit Up Soiree tickets? Just leave us a comment below telling  us why you’d like to come along. We’ll choose the best two answers and take you out for champers and giggles, then swan along to the Lit Up Soiree together. Can’t wait to soak up Adriana’s positive vibes and wisdom! Entries close 11:59pm next Monday 20 October.

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Carolyn is the editorial director of Champagne Cartel and a freelance writer. In her spare time she is a long-distance runner, peanut butter enthusiast, and single mum to three incredible humans.


  • It is one of life’s big curly ones… No one will do it for you, you need to just make the time but then we feel like we’re neglecting other things. But that feeling you have after me time??? Every single time I think ‘ahhh, I’m gonna do that more often’, and then it’s another 6 months. Hopeless

  • Oh my God, I love a soiree! It sounds so posh. It also happens to fall the night before my final day at a job which has left me very little me time and even less time for Soiree-ing, so it would feel like a celebration indeed.

  • As a single parent balancing 2 very active and wonderful kids, a very intense job, a house, a dog, a lizard, dating/heartache, friends, a credit card and some massive life decisions … I need more giggles and champagne in my life! The battle to prove the saying ‘You can have it all. Just not all at once.’ wrong is just exhausting!!!

  • I need this , wow would be awesomeness to the extreme , after the year week month I’ve had would just be fab and a night with you ladies even better ❤❤❤

  • Because whenever even though I do manage to carve out a few little bits of me time I usually feel so guilty about it that it almost defeats the purpose of having done it in the first place! So I’d like to come along to the soiree to get all fired up about giving myself “permission” to have this time and to kick that guilt to the kerb!

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