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Hi lovelies! We’ve decided to try something new here and we really hope you’ll join us. Each Friday, we’re going to try a fun new weekend cocktail and just come in for a chat and a catch up in here to regroup, refresh and relax.

Want to join us? Great! We’ll be making some time over the weekend to mix up a delicious concoction we’ve found in that magical land of Pinterest.

For our very first cocktail of the week, we just couldn’t go past this fun and fizzy Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco from the aptly named Damn Delicious. Oh, that one is going to go down a TREAT as I’m sitting on my balcony at North Stradbroke Island tonight. This holiday has been a long time coming, and I am going to lap that shit up.


I took a leaf out of Gillian’s book this week and invested in some super-cute shorts for my holiday. Once my lily-white middle-aged knees see some sun, I might even show you. But right now, let me tell you, they don’t look like this.


I don’t know about you, but burn-out seems to be all around me this week. Our usually vivacious and care-free Gillian has been feeling it (but at least she has put together some strategies for dealing with overwhelm). I think it has something to do with the end of the school year. For those school mums amongst us, how freaking sick of lunchboxes and homework and swimming bags, and instruments are you?

It’s not just me, is it?

But I have to tell you, I’m also pretty sick of listening to myself whine about it. I mean, we all bang on about not bitching about things you can’t change – but we all do it.

That’s why this week I posted about giving up coffee and alcohol for two weeks. This week, coffee has been creeping back into my life, which surprises me because it’s the one I missed less, but we do so much socialising around coffee, don’t we? Anyway, a cup of joe is probably the lesser of the two evils here (although both are GREAT in moderation). I think the main thing is to be making sure we get enough sleep. Sleep affects everything.

The upshot of that experiment, though, was that I found out I can take a photo on my iPad with my toe. See evidence below.

giving up coffee and alcohol
I’m especially proud of this shot because I took it on my iPad with my toe. No shit. That, and the fact that I chose a stemless wine glass.

Anyway, enough about me, let’s talk about you. How are you feeling as we round our way into the home straight that is December? Are you tired and grumpy or feeling flirty and carefree?

And what’s been the highlight of your week? Let’s talk about some fun stuff!

Until next week, sending you mucho ladylove.

Carolyn xxx


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Carolyn is the editorial director of Champagne Cartel and a freelance writer. In her spare time she is a long-distance runner, peanut butter enthusiast, and single mum to three incredible humans.


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