Is perving on other people okay if you’re in a relationship?

Do you perve? I do, I’m a big, filthy perve. If I see a good looking guy, I’ll nudge whoever is next to me so we can perve together, even if that someone next to me is my boyfriend. Not that he’s interested in perving on dudes with me, but I’ll point out how hot someone is without hesitation.

I have been in a relationship for 12 years, I have two kids and my baby daddy still rocks my socks off. All of that aside, I still perve. I don’t touch them or stroke them and usually I don’t talk to them, but if my eyes like the look of something, is that a crime?

I know my boyfriend notices pretty girls too, not that he admits it as freely as I do. If I see a dame I think is heavenly, I’ll nudge him to take a gawk. I appreciate a fine dame as well so I guess we perve together. Mind you, I’m sure I notice different parts on her than he does. Is that odd?

We are not swingers, we do not have an open relationship and to be honest we are pretty straighty one eighty in most departments of life, but perving on fine specimens is human nature and I am all about nurturing nature.

tI was chatting with my radio co-host the other day, Meshel Laurie, who hand on her heart said she never perved while she was married. She didn’t really notice other guys at all. I called bullshit, but she was definitely telling the truth. Recently, her and her husband split and now the blood is pulsing through her veins. The other day she found herself perving on a 25 year old tradie. I congratulated her and asked to see a pic. We then perved on the tradie pic together.

Here is the thing, it ‘aint cheating to check out other goods. Some people are just plain hot, and to admire someone else’s looks is totally normal..

I don’t do it disrespectfully to my partner, I respect him big time. I just acknowledge that as a straight gal, I notice, I perve and then I move on.

Are you a perve or a never noticer? (ps- I’ll only half believe you if you say you never ever notice hot people while in  relationship)

Madonna knows all about Human Nature stuff and like she say’s “I’m not sorry, it’s human nature”.


Do you enjoy a perve?

This article was written by Monty Dimond and first appeared at Show and Tell – republished here by kind permission of those rad birds.


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