Insiders guide to the top makeup trends: Part 2 Statement Lips

Lat month I was lucky enough to attend the L’Oreal Paris Beauty Workshop, as part of ProBlogger conference on the Gold Coast. The workshop was a fairly classy affair and we were treated to a glass of fizz and a rather decent goodie bag of product. The workshop itself was presented by Elsa Morgan, the L’Oreal Australian Makeup Director. She was ridiculously gorgeous and skinny and wore very excellent trousers. On top of that, she really knew her stuff and was incredibly (and contagiously) passionate about makeup. I thought you might enjoy this three part series where I give you the insider’s guide to the biggest upcoming makeup trends.

Part 1 – Statement Lips

Matt lips in bold colours are big, big, big this season. Remember Poppy King and her incredible matt reds? Well that’s the look I’m talking about. Swanky. Lavish ripe plum, passionate ruby red, delicious tomatoey lusciousness. What’s important is that you apply it liberally, put on a few coats so you get some great coverage and blot it well. Really emphasise the opulent colour and velvety, matt texture.

Here’s what Elsa Morgan had to say about statement lips:

 Step 1:

Apply colour with sharp point of your lipstick. Go over with a lip brush.

Step 2:

Highlight your cupid (do this using a white kohl or champagne coloured pencil or a highlighter pen).

Step 3:

Blot lips for a matte effect. The idea is to make the lipstick look heavily applied, very thick and creamy but not smudgy or messy.

Elsa’s Top Tips

  • Take BB powder, press through tissue in between a layer of lipstick. This will keep your lipstick in place much longer
  • For a softer look press lip colour onto lips using a light touch
  • Use remainder of colour on your finger, pat gently onto cheeks for a perfectly matched cheek stain
  • Always apply onto clean or made up skin without powder to avoid blotchy application



So what do you think? Is this look for you? Do you have a favourite lipstick?



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