Stella by Starlight: a life-enriching moment

This week, I’ve had one of those life enriching moments.

My family and I welcomed the arrival of a tiny and super cute niece into the world!

And of course she is utterly perfect, a sparkly little star, called Stella.

We’re a very tight knit family unit. My sister and I are best friends so this has been a truly momentous event for me. I can’t describe how proud I am of my sister. I am just beaming with happiness for her and I am so glad to be Aunty to this lovely little bundle of yumminess.

One of the greatest things was going to the hospital, a mere three hours after the wee one’s birth. The shining joy emanating from the faces of my sister and her partner was a magnificent thing to behold. Bloody hell, it really is a miracle isn’t it!!!

140528 baby Stella ed

I’m a teensy bit embarrassed to say I’m an absolute basket case over this baby. In the 24 hours before she arrived I was demented with anticipation. I had ants in my pants!!! One minute I was bawling from the raw emotion, the next I was laughing hysterically. My poor male workmates, could do naught but watch in horror as I reeled around the office, unable to concentrate for extended periods.

140528 doodle collage

I wrote Stella a special letter on the eve of her birth. I told her how proud I was of her. I told her how lucky she is to have such a perfect Mummy. I told her I’d be there for those special events in her life. And I told her I would always listen when she needs an Aunty to talk to. I take my role very seriously and plan on being that kooky, wild Aunty with aberrant hair and eccentric glasses, who makes her laugh, kisses and squeezes her constantly, and spoils her rotten.

I guess I am especially moved by this lovely event because I’m a mum too and I know full well the true power of this momentous occasion. And being an empathetic twinny soul with my sister, I can feel her rapture and wonderment.*

And yes, I’m a mum and but it also has to be said that I’m a mother of boys. Clearly, I desperately need a dolly to cuddle and dress up. Very glad I have a little darling girl to shop for and treat to lots of ridiculous pink tutus and glittery, furry, feathery dress-ups and unnecessities.

Ah, what a delightful week it is.

I love you Stella, welcome to our world, little one!

*As bewitching as having a baby is, can I say I’m ever so slightly thrilled that I’m not the one dealing with my leaking colostrum, the unmitigated fear something might happen to the child, the plastic coated hospital bed and the endless wailing of the mewling infant.


Do you have nieces and nephews? What kind of aunty/uncle are you?

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  • Congratulations Aunty Champagne Gillian! What an awesome little human to add to your family. And I know you’ll totally rock the Aunty role!

    But watch as the time flies by, I visited my (honorary) godson in hospital the day he was born – he just attended his Year 12 formal!

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