My weight confession and the best 5 reasons to throw away your scales

I recently had a big biff with a rather offensive set of electronic scales. We were at our neighbours’ place one afternoon for an early dinner. I skipped into the bathroom and the scales beckoned me. I don’t even own a set myself. Nasty things. I stupidly decided to give in to curiosity and weigh myself.

Let me describe my pre-weigh-in state of mind. “I reckon this will be pretty cool, I can’t wait to see how much I weigh now. I’m so proud of all the good stuff I’ve been doing over the last 12 months. I’m in such a better place physically than I was back then! I mean I’ve taken up running!! I’m so happy with myself these days, I can’t wait to fit into that pink dress, nearly there… It’s so nice to feel so calm and have that sense of wellbeing and confidence. YES I know I want to reduce the size of my tummy but thank god I’m past that point where I’m obsessing about all the time.”

I get on the scales and they rudely shout obscenities at me in their ugly digital typeface.

80 kg.

Yep. Horrifying.

Pretty much exactly the same as I was a year ago, despite making very positive ongoing diet and exercise changes. If you were to dial this through a BMI calculator, with my 166 cm stature, I think you’d find I am in the obese category.

I want to sob. I feel so depressed. And I genuinely can’t comprehend the number. My post-weigh-in train of thought was as follows “Oh My God, that’s horrific. I can’t believe I am still so fat. I don’t understand why I bother doing anything. Absolutely nothing happens. Fucking chia seeds. I might as well eat fucking Maccas the whole time. Why am I such a failure at weight loss. I’m going to have to go hardcore. Seriously HOW am I even 80 kg? This is SO UNFAIR. I hate myself. Why am I so huge? I’m sure I look different, maybe I have reverse body-dysmorphic syndrome. I MUST be a hideous beast.”

The next day I wake up. It’s a beautiful sunny day. I go for a long walk/run. And I shake it off.

Those scales can go fuck themselves. I am proud of this long, long four year journey I have been on. I gave up ‘dieting’ and focussed on sustainable, healthy habits.  I can even run 5 kilometres! And I feel fantastic. You can read about my trip here: Not The Biggest Loser Part 1 and here: Not The Biggest Loser Part 2.

Almost 12 months ago, I deliberately decided never to weigh myself again. Holy shit, that resolve has strengthened. As my sister said when I texted her to talk me down off the ledge, “Gilly, NO! The scales are a bust, man!”

But you know, I can’t deny I am shocked by the number on the scales. I’m not telling you about the number because I want a bunch of comments about how awesome I look or anything. I know I am far from skinny (especially around the waist) and I know I have more work to do. But I have definitely toned up and I’ve gone down a size in clothes in the last year. So I’m not sure where the excess kilos are hiding. Maybe they’ve formed a big juicy doona of lard covering all my organs. Not awesome, but there is nothing that can be done about it in the short term. This is about long term lifestyle change for me and I just need to keep going as planned. Eat well, exercise, be positive, be consistent and feel good about myself.

The moral of the story is just don’t weigh yourself.

Here’s the top five reasons why I reckon you should chuck your scales:

[1] Watching the number on the scales will make you miss the real results.

Are you energetic? Does your skin glow? How do your clothes fit? Do you sleep well? Are your health indicators improving? Is your blood pressure good? Are you exercising regularly?

[2] The numbers don’t define you.

By letting the scales control your self-esteem, you are giving over your power. Repeat after me, girlfriend you are beyond fabulous (and just to make sure it really sinks in, read this great post about body loving by a very wise and beautiful friend.)

[3] Focus on what really matters and be grateful.

This whole thing is bullshit. It takes up precious time when you should be doing something else more valuable. It’s a blip in your life and in the bigger scheme of things, it’s irrelevant. Things that are important are your friends, family, your spirit, the good you bring to the world, surrounding yourself with positivity, achieving your goals and being the most delightful person you can be.

[4] The number on the scales isn’t absolute

The numbers on the scale can fluctuate wildly. My friends who have PCOS or immune issues talk about fluctuations of 4/5 kilos in a week. Things that can affect the number include fluid, undigested food, muscle mass, time of day, accuracy of the scales, waste material in your system and hormones.

[5] Stop being a ‘dieter’.

Take a simple and consistent approach to your health. Eat well and move more. Forget the number on the scales and you’ll be less clouded and less stressed. 


Have you stepped on the scales lately? How did they make you feel?



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Gillian is a marketing savant and brand strategist with over 20 years of experience in above and below the line marketing, digital strategy and creative direction. She is an exceptional people person who loves to collaborate with clients every step of the way to achieve the best possible outcome. Gillian is also a successful makeup-artist and make-up obsessive who loves to share her tricks of the trade and help women to look good and feel great.


  • Great post (and you do look great)! I always feel conflicted about this. I weigh about 7-8kg above what I probably should and being a five foot nothing person, I know it’s too much. A big part of me just thinks, if I’m living healthily and enjoying life, then the scales can go jump…but another part of me worries because I fear that my weight alone might affect my health and there’s a fear of accidentally ‘letting myself go’ if I don’t check it. I’m not always an angel with my diet though, so maybe I use the scales to keep me honest. You’ve definitely given me something to think about, though. Also? Your healthy efforts are inspiring 🙂

    • Thanks so much, I appreciate your comments. It is a tough one isn’t it. And you know if the scales work for you then go for it! It’s really about finding the way that suits you and helps you to be as healthy, happy and confident as you can be, don’t you think?

    • Thanks B. And thanks so much for sharing. You are always an inspiration. I loved your fresh start post, in particular these words really spoke to me “I don’t feel driven by fear of failure, I feel like it will happen when it happens. Health is always at the core.” xxx

  • My dear Gillian, I heart you. In a completely creepy I want to stroke your face kind of way. But let’s be honest – being as awesome as you is a fairly weighty burden. You can exercise your little heart out, have your skin glow, shed the centimetres, do the lot, make the rest of us eat chia seeds in the hope of being like you, but you can’t put awesome aside. Every time you step on scales – awesome is joining you there. And with your amount of awesome, I would have expected the scales to say 180. At least. Fact.
    Big love. #tribe #youareace xxxx

    • Talking Frankly, I want to steal your reply! Well said. I would like to add Gill, seriously, that fabulous mane of yours would not weigh nothing! (Fucking chia seeds… still laughing!!) Keep up the awesome xxb

      • Briony you’d love Alison, I wish you too could meet up. Maybe we need to host some kind of Sydney/Brisbane fabulous event and invite all the fabulous people and put them in a room together to mash around in a love bubble of fabulous. Love you B, look forward to catching up on Saturday!

  • Good on you Gillian. I’ve been health kicking in various ways for about a year too (well, many years, but more consciously this year) and the scales are EVIL! I have no doubt that weighing myself is completely discouraging for all the reasons you’ve mentioned. Different strokes for different folks of course, as I know some people like the ‘accountability’ of a weigh in, but I’m totally with you in the ‘burn them all’ camp!

    • Thanks Lara, well done you!!! It’s certainly a journey isn’t it and you learn so much about yourself along the way. I absolutely believe that everyone should do what is right for them but YEP, “burn them all” I say too 😉

  • Great post! I think as a society we get way too stuck on being the correct number/size and ignore the fact that skinny does not equal healthy. Only a healthy lifestyle (via food, exercise and mental attitude) make a healthy person. Don’t let the scales let you down – you look great 🙂

    • And AMEN again, back atcha beautiful! Thanks for the compliment you are so sweet 😉 But it is crazy isn’t it, so much of my esteem is caught up in that stoopid number. Anyway, I’m very happy to have been able to get back up and brush myself off and move on. Much more important things to worry about hey!!! I’m proud of you for taking a stand too, gorgeous girl!

  • Great article. You summed it up perfectly. Keep on your healthy lifestyle path and you go girl! Just don’t let curiosity at friends’ houses get the better of you again! 😉

  • HI Maddie, thanks so much, I’m really glad you enjoyed my post!!! Thanks for taking the time to comment! And NO I definitely won’t let myself go down that path again. Not a positive one for me. 😉

  • I saw Jillian Michaels speak on Friday night in Brisbane and I loved what she said about numbers in regards to weight-loss. She said the only numbers you should be concerned about are the numbers that indicate you have a clean bill of health e.g. blood pressure, cholesterol, hormone levels etc. Of course a healthy weight will contribute to this but its certainly not the be all.

    About 5 years ago I was 4kilos lighter than what I am now but I was constantly tired, bloated and my skin was so dry. I had incredibly low levels of iron and other vitamins and minerals. I focused on getting those numbers better and honestly I feel way better now even with a bigger number on the scale.

    I try to just focus on what counts. x

    • Wow Adriana. That’s so interesting what Jillian said, thank you for passing on. I’d actually love to find out more, I’ll look her up. I completely agree with that and I am sure I am actually much healthier now than what I was 15 years ago when I was 58kg! It just seems sensible doesn’t it. But probably not what the diet industry wants us to think 😉

    • Thanks Nicole. Omg I SO am going to listen to my sister and to everyone else who has chiming in on this one!!!! Thanks for taking the time to comment x

  • Fucking scales should be banned from all bathrooms. The only time I get weighed is at the docs and that’s just part of monitoring my Hashimotos. My doc never judges. Unlike the one who told me my bmi said I was obese and I should eat sensibly. So I went out and ate a chocolate Danish just to punish him. Unsound creature that I am.

    • Yep you’re unhinged but I loves ya!!!! thanks Michelle for the excellent and most unsound advice 😉 MWAH x

  • Best thing I ever did was stop using my scales as a measure of how healthy I am. It was about a year a bit for me too and it’s helped me keep the focus on how I really feel – not how I feel as determined by a number.

    • Thanks so much for your comment Nikki. Yes, getting rid of the scales for GOOD is such an important step I think. I have a crazily emotional reaction to the number on the scales it really isn’t helpful. Thanks for providing your perspective too, it’s so good to know others have a similar experience. x

  • Go you good thing. I have creeped on a few kilos lately and I need to tighten my mid riff a little as I am not as happy about my tummy as I was a year ago. I should stop weighing myself and just get fir for me and forget about the weight as that is not the be all end all. Thank you for sharing. V x

    • Thanks Vicki, best of luck with whatever you do! And thanks for stopping by. Most importantly remember to be kind and loving to yourself at all times 🙂 We deserve that! x

  • Growing up my Mum never allowed scales in our house. She always said “I don’t believe in scales”. Now as a Mum myself I have adopted the same rule. With a 9 year old daughter who watches me operate within the fashion sector as a stylist, language and behaviour around body image is something I am very conscious about. We talk about body shapes. The word “fat” is banned from our home….and so is the word “skinny”. We talk about strong powerful bodies, strong women, and feeling good from the inside out. xo

    • Thanks Jenni, such a great perspective. I think working in the industry could easily affect esteem, it’s so great to hear your lovely down-to-earth perspective! I totally agree about the words fat and skinny, not allowed in our house either. MWAH x

  • I’m new to this website and found it through a post by Anna Spurling. I to am very much a fan of banning all scales as they don’t fully give the picture of a person’s health. I’ve started back at the gym two weeks ago and am feeling so much better loving the yoga and pilates. Having PCOS my weight is all over the place and can go up and down at least 5kg in a week. My wonderful doctor has told me as long as my bloods are good and the fitness and wellbeing are improving that is what really counts.

    • Welcome jenny! It must be tough with cos, it can affect things so badly can’t it. I have a couple of friends who have those issues. it must be really hard going some weeks 🙁 Great advice from he doctor hey!!! Appreciate you taking time to stop by and comment, look forward to seeing you around the cartel!

  • OMG I did the exact same thing just this morning, I knew I should not have stepped on those scales but like you I have started running again and am training my little butt off for my first adventurethon in December. I thought that it would be awesome cause I can see the changes in my body and my clothes fit better…..damn you scales why do you crash my party!! lol I am definitely able to shrug off the number better these days as I am proud of what my body is accomplishing regardless of my saggy belly, stretch marks, and the little bit of extra weight I am carrying. I started doing a lot more strength training several years ago and I came to the realisation then that the scales definitely don’t tell the whole story and yes I think I am at the point that I am ready to throw them out the window! Great post and keep up the good work!!

    • OH NOOOOOO!!! Isn’t it annoying! I can’t believe we had the exact same experience. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing. I am really happy for you too and you should be so proud. WOOOO go girl. You keep up the good work too. xxx

  • Love love love this so very much. I am convinced I have reverse body dysmorphia. I’m definitely not as big as I seem to be. I had a snug 16 on the other day and then had to buy a 10 in another design / brand.

    I know numbers don’t matter but even the positive body loving ones amongst us have our bad days.

    For the record, I look at your gorgeous dewy glowing skin when we hang out. And your dirty laugh. And your beautiful clothes. X

    • Ah Kimba, THANK YOU! you have been instrumental in reminding me to love myself and to be positive about this stuff. You are a beautiful person inside inside and out and I really appreciate your influence. You are so funny – you definitely don’t have reverse body dysmorphia – you look and are fucking fabulous!!!!!! I so can’t wait for us to catchup again in the flesh soon so we can get our dirty laughs on and compare frocks hahahahahahahaha MWAH

  • Not only do you look amazing but you have the right attitude, you are healthy, fit and loving and nourishing your body. Weight should be just a number. Up until getting pregnant I hadnt weighed myself in forever, I found it really disturbing how much focus my OB and nurses placed on my weight… I am now back on the get healthy band wagon and hoping that i can look my best healthy self soon.

    Dont stress about a number, you look gorgeous and healthy xx

  • How much does this girl weigh? Who gives a shit, the important questions are always, and will be forever more, how much fun is this girl? Will this girl pick my kids up after school? Can this girl talk about stuff? Let’s start asking ourselves these questions ladies, then start applying it to the other girls in our life.

  • I did a few weeks ago, it was 80kg too! I am preganant and have gained (and lost) around 25kg with each prenancy. I guess that means I will have gained and lost around 100kg after this bub. I am not going to weigh myself again because I know how things turn out. I will go back to my normal after this. I kind of like the novelty of being plus sized for a while, it is kinda cute. Either way I don’t give a fuck, if I feel strong and healthy then that is awesome. My beloved likes me bigger but I won’t maintain extra bulk just to please him any more than I would lose it to please him!

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