Throw out your razor – let’s embrace the bush!

Throw out your razor - let's embrace the bush!

“All this waxing is bullshit, I LOVE my rug.”

These words were actually spoken by someone close to me. And yes, it was in reference to her unkempt lady garden.

Let’s call this friend Jeanette.

(Incidentally Jeanette is one of only 6 per cent of the lady population that feels this way, according to a completely unscientific Facebook survey we conducted.)

The dreadfully coarse statement was made in the context of a discussion about how much pruning one’s bush should be subjected to. What is reasonable and polite? What is attractive? What’s in fashion? What is expected from those that choose to delve into the depths of one’s knickers? Is all this waxing and grooming just another nasty little subjugation strategy of the patriarchy? Just another thing to make women feel bad about themselves? Hey…what are the porn stars doing these days anyway?

Many ladies choose to toe the pubic line and keep their down-there tresses to themselves, neatly primped into shape. Some say it enhances their sexual pleasure – and who doesn’t want to do that? Others are pretty belligerent about the free state of their minge. Cameron Diaz has been quoted as saying pubic hair is there for a reason and should be left alone, and she’s not wrong. Pubes do keep all manner of foreign matter out of your love cave. Have you combed through yours lately and seen what you pick up? Although any money Cameron’s is one of those naturally neat, sleek blonde beavers that doesn’t require so much as a single disciplinary tweeze.

140210 cameron diaz

According to The Guardian and the NY Times  we’re living in a wonderful time for lovers of the wooly pubes and we can look forward to much shame-free frolicking, with a forest sprouting out of our undies.

Maybe 2018 will be a watershed year that will be added to the “10 most important moments in the history of pubic hair”.  Commemorated for the dumping of convention and abounding in much free-spirited, wild mingeyness.

I doubt it’s going to quite come to that but Jeanette and her afghan will be thrilled at the suggestion.

I laughed my arse off at an American Apparel window display a few years back. Marketing mastermind, don’t you think? Let’s create a bit of hoo-har with some hoo-hars. Haha.

140210 American Apparel

HERO IMAGE CREDIT: The hero pic on this article is compiled of of images from the fabulous series “Lady Manes,” a photography project from a few years ago by Rhiannon Schneiderman.

What’s the state of your feminine forest? Would you ring in on the rug debate?

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  • hi Gil! A friend rather liked your blog. Finding it rather amusing that I’m catching up with you over a discussion on pubes. Hope all is great with you.
    Jen Nunn (Nugent) ????????

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