The top 3 pelvic floor exercises to stop you whizzing your dacks

I am pretty sure we don’t need to lecture any of you about the importance of pelvic floor strength. Based on our web stats, we know you are likely to be a woman in your 30s/40s/50s. You may have had kids (in which case you probably know what it’s like to sneeze and a bit of wee comes out) but you may not and the thing is that if you haven’t had kids you are still at risk of developing ‘urinary incontinence’. Which sounds about as bad as it is. And it is super common, affecting 1 in 3 women worldwide.

SO. The upshot is that we’re all for pelvic floor training here at Champagne Cartel.

In this post I trial a pelvic floor muscle training device (if you’re picturing a mini-dild, you’re spot on). Plus I speak candidly of my fear of a public weeing incident, my dodgy pelvic doona and why I don’t jump on a trampoline for fear of wearing my giant boobs as a hat.

But in a less invasive pre-emptive pelvic floor training measure, Carolyn and I hit a reformer pilates class every week at Body Smart Health exercise physiology and sports medicine clinic in Brisbane at Lang Park. We love it there as they take their pilates very seriously. The trainers are highly qualified and they are all about making sure we get our technique right.

One day we asked what we could do at home to strengthen our pelvic floor and our trainer Em showed us her top three exercises. Here’s the video “Pelvic floor exercises to stop you peeing your pantaloons”. Apologies for the low production values, trust us the content is highly useful! (And you need to learn to think of your pelvis as a bowl with a marble in it, I KNOW, freaky but awesome).

Body Smart Health is located at Lang Park, Paddington and offers reformer pilates classes from beginner level. Classes are conducted and supervised by a Pilates trained Exercise Physiologist and therefore are eligible for rebate under most levels of private health insurance.

If you are interested in finding out more about pilates, read our definitive guide to why pilates is rad: 9 reasons you need to try reformer pilates



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