WOW Festival! It’s a Wrap.

We had the most ridiculously awesome and inspiring day speaking at WOW Festival last week here in Brisbane.

This is how WOW is described on their website:

WOW is a global force supporting women, action and change WOW celebrates women’s achievements and takes a frank look at the lives of women and girls and the obstacles that prevent them from reaching their full potential. WOW looks for solutions, inspires insight, energy and laughter, and builds new networks and communities of strong women

This how WOW was for Champagne Cartel:


Goodness gracious me. You could actually feel the vibrations of good energy humming throughout the venue. Everywhere you looked there were people smiling, greeting each other with hugs, celebrating. We were a bit nervous when we got up to present but it was electrifying and we cannot wait to do it again (hopefully someone will have us. yoohoo? anyone?). Our WOW Bites session was FANTASTIC. At first there were about five people there and we were freaking out. And then the room filled and the crowd really got behind us. Shame we ran out of time and had to rush the end – we’ll know better next time!


Prior to the event, we thought it might be nice to maybe give away a few prizes and see if we could bribe encourage some punters to come along. We were blown away by the generosity of our wonderful partners. Thank you to our beautiful friends Frankie4 Footwear, Rosehip PLUS™, Riise Brows and Corazon Health for our incredible prize pool. You can read more about what you didn’t win here! Unfortunately on the day, we ran out of time to photograph all the winners, but as you can imagine, they were absolutely chuffed!

Sponsor Panel


Although we were only there for one day, Carolyn and I both walked away with our shoulders back and joy in our hearts, totally loving chicks and buzzing with fenergy (feminist energy). Here at Champagne Cartel, we have always stood loudly and proudly for the rights of women and for gender equality. The festival reminded us again, how important this issue continues to be.



We met up with our friends Eden and Megan and had a rollicking good time hobnobbing it with Kathy Lette, and that. We spied on the beautiful and talented Briony Masters who was official event photographer and couldn’t really hang out too much cause she was super important. If you weren’t aware, Briony was responsible for our awesome headshots.

We met some amazing volunteers and loved catching up with the other speakers in our WOW Bites session; Rosa Yor, Helen Hill and Julia Agostinelli.

And a massive shout out must go to my friend, and producer of the WOW Festival Renai Grace. If you’ve ever done event management you know how much fuckery can be involved. Renai and her team including a bunch of amazing volunteers needs to be MASSIVELY congratulated for the work they did. Totes cracking event.





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