Craziest makeup trends that you need to know about

Isn’t the world awesome? So much crazyarse stuff goes down and you look at it and you’re like WHAAAAAT???

Here’s a few fantastic makeup trends that had me saying WHAAAAT??? but then I realised that there might be a bit of merit there.

Glitter tears

Check out #glittertears and be prepared for a horror show to unfold. Warning: it’s very painful but you can’t avert your eyes. I know it’s intentionally done for fun and drama, but it’s still way wrong.

Glitter Tears
Images: Instagram

HOWEVER at the same time there are some beautiful moments of uber cool, ethereal sparkle (see below) amongst the whole #glittertears debacle. I mean who doesn’t love a little bit of well-placed glitter? Anyone? Very little makes me yearn to be in my twenties again but I look at these images and really want to be 20 years younger so I can wear subtle sexy glitter tears and go to Coachella with my suitcase of denim undies.

Glitter Tears (1)
Images: Marie Claire


This is the ‘totally achievable’ beauty trend that is booting contouring and strobing back up where they came from. It’s described by BeautyCrew as “a makeup technique that revolves around fresh, natural-looking makeup that gently encourages subtle shape with a glow-from-within look” and The Beauty Counter says, “it’s all about highlighting fresh, bright skin for a diffused, natural look.”


The non-tourers according to BeautyCrew
The non-tourers according to BeautyCrew

Look I don’t get it. But I’m thinking that it’s maybe about creating a dewy glow. Which is awesome! I love a dewy glow and and it definitely is a look I aspire to every day (well at least on those days when I haven’t been woken up by kids or worked till 1am or have a hormonal breakout or a hangover or a coldsore from being run down…).


Do you remember the 1980s? I do because I was there. And I can tell you, blue eyeshadow was THE colour of the season (for about 5 years). Plus emerald green mascara. And a whole lot of other flourescent crimes against humanity.

1980s makeup

And apparently brights have made a comeback.



Although it’s looking a lot more glam this time around (and let’s face it, that wouldn’t be hard). And there’s loads of ways to try out the trend with bright lippies or coloured lashes or a teensy bit of colourful eyeliner.

Images from Pinterest

Give it a go! I will be, in fact I have just ordered a blue mascara from my makeup range Youngblood and I am going to give it a crack.

What about you, will you be trying out any of these makeup trends?
Electric blue mascara anyone?



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  • I’m still scarred from the 80s the first time around, but I was so young and so unskilled in the makeup department. Maybe I could give that green mascara another crack. Prob not the glitter tears though. 🙂

  • Ha ha, you make me laugh. My local beachside park is a haven for 20 somethings lolling around with their denim shorts up their bums. They reverse their utes to face the ocean and sit on the ute tray in old lounge suites looking cool and strumming guitars. My best friend and I walk past (with our dogs) and yearn to be 20 again. We’re invisible to them 🙂

    • Ha ha, you paint such a great picture Lydia! I wish I could have appreciated how effortlessly hot I was when I was 20 but I was consumed with self doubt and low self esteem. Now I love myself sick but nobody’s looking. 🙂

  • Hello Jillian. Interesting article. Sometimes I am surprised by new makeup trends. Of course, I try to be more or less trendy, but this is an example of what I will never do with myself. Although non-station wagon I really like. I would not call it a new way. I think that it always existed, just now this phenomenon was given the exact name. I think Brights will be very popular among young people. After all, they always try to express themselves. I hope that the makeup will only develop. Wish you luck!

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