Friday Fizz: autumn sangria with apple, pomegranate and figs

autumn sangria

Good Friday, lovers! We hope you’ve had a fab week and are now looking forward to the most relaxing and sensational weekend of your entire life. Or close to.

To celebrate the dawning of the cooler months (any minute now, right?), we are making a sensational autumn sangria with apples, pomegranate and figs. How good does that look? Hit up Heather Christo for the recipe.

And for now, enjoy our five favourite clicks of the week:


  1. Vince Vaughan, James Franco and co-stars have promoted their latest film with some stunningly kitsch stock images. Why has nobody thought to do this before?
  2. Bianca Wordley is sick of everyone telling her how to be the best at everything. She just wants to be the best her she can be. Care to join her?
  3. Nat from Stop Catching the Cat says that your stress is your personal emergency – and that we need to examine the pace at which we are living our lives now. Great read.
  4. A very handy guide from Anna Fitzgerald on Running Mums Australia to overcoming the negative mental chatter and being the boss of your own brain. If you’re a runner and you haven’t joined RMA  yet, I suggest you get onto it.
  5. Karla Gilbert has five ways to boost your energy naturally. Yes, she is telling us to cut the caffeine which may in fact make her a she-devil, but she also has some excellent points.


Have you seen anything noteworthy this week? Please share!

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