Friday Fizz: Whiskey Chocolate Chunk Coffee Milkshake

whisky milkshake

Happy Friday, shiny people! We hope you’ve had a fab week. I have been a touch on the ill side this week, and can’t imagine indulging in one of these features cocktails at the moment  – but as soon as I’m well, I’m going to have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Okay, maybe not breakfast.

But check this out: Whiskey Chocolate Chunk Coffee Milkshake –how could all of those words together not be the most brilliant thing ever? For the recipe, head over to Salt and Wind.

And for now, enjoy our five favourite clicks of the week:

Mrs BC’s House of Chaos has some clever easy weeknight meals you can make when you’re home late from school/sport/work/shopping/life.

Apparently a glass of red wine is equivalent to an hour at the gym. I don’t even want to read the rest because I don’t want it ruined in any way. But you can read it, if you want.

6 tips for waking up early and getting shit done – because I will never tire of telling you that you should get up early. It’s the way to a happy life, I’m telling you.

An entire town learned sign language to surprise one hearing impaired resident. Sure, it’s a very clever ad, but if you don’t get misty watching this, you are made of fucking stone.

A beautiful meditation for sensitive people. I loved this; thought some of you more highly strung types might like it too.


Have you seen anything great this week? Please share!

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