Friday fizz: bacon and habanero-infused vodka

bacon infused vodka

Okay, I know bacon and habanero-infused vodka isn’t a cocktail in the strictest sense of the word, but it has bacon, it has heat, and it has vodka so shut up. I imagine, if you aren’t inclined to set your mouth on fire for fun, you could cut the habaneros and just make bacon vodka. Me? I like to live a little.

You can learn how to make it at Kitchen Konfidence.

In my travels I also discovered smoked salmon vodka, which just sounds gross to me, but hey, if that’s your thing you can find it at Komo News.

As for our five favourite finds of the week, here we go:

1. I don’t know how I haven’t discovered Sawhole before but man, what a blog! This post about the dumb-arse statement that motherhood is the most challenging and rewarding job in the world is both spot on and pretty hilarious.

2. For fans of The Katering Show, the ladies have created a quiz for you to discover whether or not you are a psychopath. Handy!

3. Danielle from Keeping Up with the Holsbys reckons she’s more lovely at 38 than she was at 20. I didn’t know her back then, but I suspect she’s right. A beautiful article about embracing the ageing process.

4. Kimbalikes is what you call an enabler. She told us all about these Ezibuy shoes being on sale. I proceeded to check them out and buy two pairs. They are fantastic – all leather, super comfy and seriously reduced. I got number 7, but in leopard. Rrrraaaawwwwrrrrrr!

5. Karma is a bitch for Campbell Newman. I don’t usually flaunt my politics on the blog, but along with a lot of other writers, I was devastated when Newman cut the Queensland Literary Awards (and One Book Many Brisbanes). Turns it he’s regretting it now. Schadenfreude at its most delicious!


Have you discovered anything great this week? Please share!

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