Friday Fizz: bubbles of awesome from the web

Happy Friday, friends, and welcome to the Friday Fizz. How has your week been?

Mine’s been good, thanks for asking. By the way, you are looking great today. Have you done something with your hair? It works – keep doing it, you sassy minx!

Paris vs New York  (pictured, above)- artist Vahram Muratyan has made some very cool postcards that illustrate the difference between the two great cities. Very fun.

How to drink properly – promises to be classier than your grandmother – and delivers. Funny and educational – win!

How we spend our days is how we spend our lives – How do you spend your days right now? Is it how you want to live? Some wise and inspiring words from the ever-wonderful Maria Popova.

Scented pumpkin pie ring – because squeeeeeeee! And the fact that we are just so glad there is a shop called Tiny Hands Food Jewellery. Also check out the scented red velvet cupcake ring and the scented mint chocolate ice cream ring.

140228 scented-pumpkin-pie-ring

Adorable meerkat tries so hard not to fall asleep – Don’t click on this one. I dare you.

Grain-free coconut flour pancakes – I make pancakes for the family every Sunday, and I am always trying to find ways to sneakily make them healther. This looks amazeballs – sure to please everyone!

140228 Grain-Free-Coconut-Flour-Pancakes-2-HappyFitMama_com_

Four women get the ‘cover model’ makeover of their dreams and then hate the results – Ever wanted to look like a model? Sure you have. Check this out.

Double chocolate cake doughnuts – Joy the Baker is just amazing at everything. But this one is pretty special. In contrast to those pancakes, there is no healthy option here – just get into it and run an extra km or two tomorrow.

140228 donuts

What do you think? What’s your favourite? Did we miss anything this week you want to share?


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