Indulge yourself and save some cash with a face-saving facial

Well, June is nearly over. The earth-children amongst us have celebrated the winter solstice, and already commemorated the shortest day of the year. We are now on the home stretch to summer! Hmmmm, okay, well that’s not really true, is it.

What is true is that the cold can wreak havoc with one’s skin.

Not so much me, I’m meant to live in a wintery climate. Think Ireland. Potato famine. Even with nil by mouth, I’d be the curvaceous, rosy-cheeked lass, cruising around like one of those tubby long-haired rock ponies. My stocky physique would efficiently store food for me all through the harsh winter. HAHA, take that you perennially skinny people! You would’ve perished long ago.

Anyhoo, if you are having problems with dry skin, the best thing you can do in the cold weather is moisturise like buggery. Keep your skin and yourself hydrated.

And better still, why don’t you give yourself a beautiful winter treat. A luxurious, ten-minute moisturising facial. You can do it at home and it won’t cost you much money.

[1] Get prepped

If you live with people, advise each and every one of them that you need some alone time. Tell them you require ten minutes for some self loving (that’ll get them thinking!).

Give your bathroom a mini health spa overhaul. Wipe out the sink, tidy things up, set up a comfy chair, light an oil burner or a candle.

140624 day spa chair

Gather the items you need for your facial:

  • kettle of boiled water
  • face washer or two
  • towel
  • timer
  • cleanser
  • exfoliant
  • face mask
  • moisturiser
  • a nice drink (herbal tea is nice; champagne is better; whiskey is hard core).

Now you’re sorted, lock yourself in the bathroom.

140624 mask

[2] Steam your skin

Pour the boiled water from the kettle into the sink, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Lean over the sink with your face in the steam, breathe deeply and think Very Nice Thoughts about yourself. For example: “Gee I am awesome”, “WOW, I’m smart.”

[3] Cleanse and then cleanse again

140624 cleanse

Keep your face over the steam and slather in your favourite cleanser. Massage it in really well. I use a cleansing oil. You can make your own cleanser by using one part castor oil and three parts almond oil.

Add some cool water to the hot water in the sink, rinse your cloth and use it to wipe off the cleanser. Repeat the whole process. Then do a final rinse with cool water.

[4] Exfoliate

140624 exfoliate

Apply an exfoliant and scrub all the gross dead skin cells off. I use a beautiful one which is made from pineapple. You can make your own using warmed honey, almond oil and rolled oats. Rub in circular motions all over the face and neck. Wipe it off using your cloth. Make sure you remove all traces of the exfoliant before you move on.

[5] Mask

140624 mask panel

Apply your mask. I’ve used yoghurt mixed with honey. You can try avocado, banana and olive oil. Or use a bought one.

Set the timer for five minutes. Stick some cucumber over your eyes and sit quietly for five minutes, taking nice slow breaths and meditating on all the excellent and remarkable things you have done in the last week. I’m serious, it won’t kill ya. Give yourself some positive reinforcement.

Remove the mask with the cloth, making sure you get all traces off.

[6] Moisturise

140624 cleanse

This is the final step in the process. I start with a moisturising facial spray, then I apply a rosehip serum, then my SPF moisturiser goes on. Just use what you have but give your skin a lovely massage as you apply it.

[7] And finally breathe deeply

Spend your last minute taking some slow deep breaths, follow your breath and be calm and at peace with your charming self!

140624 how to home facial


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