Study reveals the secret to a happy marriage: wine

Married couples get on better – and stay married for longer – if each of them enjoys a drink regularly, according to a new study.

Sharing a glass or two of pinot gris after the kids have gone to bed is already one of life’s greatest pleasures, but now the Journals of Gerontology says it can actually help your relationship. The study found couples who both drink have a higher chance of a happy marriage over the longer term.

The researchers inexplicably focused on heterosexual couples, so our gay friends will have to do their own research and let us know how they get on. They followed 2767 married couples as part of a long-term health survey in the US. What was especially interesting to me was that it was the wives that showed the greater increase in happiness.

Reason enough to have those sundowners ready and waiting this evening, don’t you think?

What they didn’t talk about was why drinking helps couples to be happier in their marriage, but I know that my husband is especially handsome after I’ve had a couple of wines.

Wine is great!

Why do you think drinking together is linked to a longer and happier marriage?


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