Dear Jezabel Jones: afternoon delight seems like a hideous idea!

Dear Jezabel Jones

Last weekend, the kids were all out at friends’ places, and it was just my husband and I at home for the first time I can remember. He suggested a bit of “afternoon delight”, but I really just wasn’t feeling it. Is this just what happens when we get older?

Not wanting it.

Certainly amid the chaos of a modern household, the times they are a changing, and the temptation for a Bex and good lie down brews strong. But darling, carpe diem.

I can appreciate that as women we sometimes need a little more than just the suggestion, and well my darling, in that case give your man something to work with. Flirt with the idea, ask him to tell you what it is that he means by delight, and just how much of the afternoon might be filled with it. Get nearer to him, physically, as well as with your words, put his hands where you want to feel them, down your spine, up to your neck, running up the back of your calf, you know the places, you just need to remind him of where they are. Help him lead you into the mood.

Feeling it, or not, can of course be more to do with other factors. Are you feeling that you would like the garbage taken out, or the lawn mowed, or the toilet-door re-hung. In which case this is a bigger communication and time-management issue for you to address. What I will say is that a little inspiration can go a long way for a man. And let’s face it, a little action is only going to ease your anxiety of the trivial as well.

So darling, when it’s on offer, find a fork and eat the cake.

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