What’s better than wine and coffee?

What's better than wine and coffee?

Wine and coffee: together at last!

It’s so hard knowing where that line is between coffee o’clock and wine o’clock, am I right? If you’re on holidays, it generally falls around lunchtime (how great are lunchtime bevvies followed by a nap!).

If you’re in the office, well, I know some people who have ‘afternoonses’ (code for wine) at around 4pm every day but I think they’re in the minority, so waiting until you’ve physically left the office is probably appreciated.

For those of us who work from home, things get a little fluid, but the fact that I have to go out and pick up children while still wearing pants saves me from making choices that might not be conducive to maintaining my career.

What's better than wine and coffee?

But for those times when you just can’t choose between wine and coffee – your two favourite libation loves, two brands from the Napa Valley in California are producing something you might like: wine-infused coffee.

That’s right, you can get buzzed and boozed at the same time!

I usually can’t drink coffee after midday because it keeps me awake, but I wonder if the doziness of the wine would provide the perfect counter to the wakiness of the coffee (don’t be intimidated by my scientific terms). It’s worthy of investigation.

Winemaker Molinari Private Reserve (sounds a bit fancier than your Passion Pop, dunnit?) is working with coffee roaster Wild Card Roasters to produce this wine-coffee in both regular and decaf versions.

Why in the name of all that is delicious you are bothering with decaf here is beyond me, but it’s lovely they’re thinking of everyone. Wonder if they’ll make an alcohol-free one too…

It took these guys two years of ‘research’ to get this bad boy right, but now they have and we can reap the rewards. You can buy the beans here – and yes, they do ship to Australia.

And bonus: because it comes in the form of coffee beans, the overarching view here is that you’re just sitting there minding your own business, sipping coffee and getting shit done.

We won’t tell if you don’t. *winky face*


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