Easy winged eyeliner for beginners – must watch YouTube tutorials

Winged eyeliner. It’s the stunning, classic, feline look that so many of us lust after and so few of us are confident to attempt.

I get asked all the time in my makeup workshops how to do winged eyeliner for beginners, so today I thought I would share with you some of my favourite winged eyeliner tutorials.

Over the years I have pored over videos and magazines looking for the best and easiest way to master this makeup holy grail. The videos I have curated for you today are my favourites and show a few different techniques, all of which are very do-able for a beginner.

My favourite technique for winged eyeliner for beginners, and the one I use myself, is the dotted line method as demonstrated by Elmear McElheron. But it depends on what you feel most comfortable with.

And when it comes to winged eyeliner, ultimately practice makes perfect!

1. Michael Ashton

When you think of celebrities and winged eyeliner, the most famous at the moment has to be Adele. Here her makeup artist Michael Ashton shares his secrets.

2. Elmear McElheron

This dotted eye technique is the bomb, I love this way of doing winged eyeliner! So simple and a really easy (almost foolproof!) way for beginners to get a handle on liquid eyeliner.

3. Charlotte Tilbury

I like that Charlotte does the whole look in a pencil. Although it isn’t my favourite tool (I prefer a liquid eyeliner), this is a great way to get the look.

4. Siobhan McDonnell

Siobhan is one of my favourite makeup artists on YouTube and she nails it here. Her tip to use a white kohl pencil to draw the lines and get them symmetrical is genius.

5. Wayne Goss

I couldn’t share a collection of makeup videos without including Wayne. He is a makeup superstar and his first collection of brushes sold out in five minutes. I love the way he is always straight to the point, in this particular video he firstly states that he isn’t even into the look, and then notes he is “slightly special needs about makeup”. Despite that, his technique is excellent.

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